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How to Generate More Profits

David D. Wells

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There is a form of investing that has outperformed stocks for the past 50 years! This form of investing is 10 times bigger than the stock market. More importantly, if you invest in stocks you would be wise to learn this form of investing because the stock market could not exist without this market. In fact, stock market returns are directly impacted by this form of investing.

This form of investing has been described as complicated and risky in an effort to keep most people out of this market. By keeping ordinary people out of this investment arena it allows for insiders to continue to rack up substantial profits. A recent investment of $750 turned in $8,300 in about 2 months!

What form of investing am I describing? I am describing commodities. Investing in commodities allows for you to invest in the raw materials that companies use to make their products.

For example, silver a popular commodity goes into computer chips. The price of silver should be important to people who invest in Intel and other computer chip makers. Silver is used in many other products as well.

Let me explain further. Stock investors invest in companies. These companies use the raw products known as commodities to produce their products. If the materials that these companies use rise in price, the companies will have to pay more for the materials.

This is important to stock investors because this means the expenses for the company will rise and a decrease in profits may be a result. For example, if you follow the price of coffee, which is traded on the commodities exchange, and notice a significant increase in price, this may have a direct impact on Starbucks earnings report.

Crude oil is a highly traded commodity. Gasoline is made from crude oil. As you may already realize, the price of gasoline impacts every business and every industry.

This is because goods are delivered to businesses and therefore vendors who deliver the goods pass on the hike in gasoline costs to businesses. The businesses then pass on the costs to the consumer. Just recently Southwest Airlines raised it ticket prices by $5 each way because of increased fuel costs. Remember the consumer will always get stuck with the increase price of transportation.

The way for an ordinary person to turn this information into cash is to invest in crude oil. Since every business will be impacted by the price of crude oil, you can consider an investment in crude oil as a way to profit from every business.

A smart investor must be careful not to just jump into an investment in crude oil. The best way to get involve in such an investment is to learn the best entry points and the seasonal trends for this market. You would be wise to get expert help in this area.

If you would like expert help increasing your wealth using commodities as a way to supercharge your profits click here and visit: Money Tracks

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