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Articles about or concerning VA Loans, Veteran's Affairs, VA Housing, Information on VA loans, Military Loans, VA Loan Rates.
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Military Payday Loans - The Loans of Nation Protector

 Alec Jordan (December 17, 2008)  No body is free from emergency. Emergency can come in anybody's life. Emergency comes unexpectedly without information so; nobody is secure against misfortunes. Misfortune can happen anytime. The same conditions are with the military personnel. They also have to face difficulty due to financial short. In this situation they also compel to think how can be solve this problem. No body .. (VA Loans)

The Benefits of a VA Loan

 Christopher G Burns (September 09, 2008)  VA loans are one of the few remaining true 100% programs still available in the market today. This is an incredible assets since the financial meltdown of 2007-2008 has left this area of the market with a vacuous void. These Loans allow the buyer to finance not only 100% of the purchase price, but also the VA funding fee as well. Therefor the total loan amount can be higher than 100% .. (VA Loans)

Five Easy Steps to a VA Loan

 Marvela Luna (September 08, 2008)  The VA streamline refinance home loan is a mortgage program backed by the government itself. This mortgage loan is basically meant for veterans who are yet active in their duties or were involved in prior services. This loan is popularly also referred as the interest rate reduction loan. In order to lower the interest rate of your current VA home loan, this program comes in more than .. (VA Loans)

Patriot Express - A New Loan Program For the Military Community

 Paul Chavez (September 05, 2008)  The new Patriot Express loan is offered by SBA's network of participating lenders nationwide and features our fastest turnaround time for loan approvals. Loans are available up to $500,000 and qualify for SBA's maximum guaranty of up to 85 percent for loans of $150,000 or less and up to 75 percent for loans over $150,000 up to $500,000. For loans above $350,000, lenders are required to .. (VA Loans)

The Advantages of VA Home Loans

 Sandra Eriksen (August 03, 2008)  VA home loans prove to be an advantage if you are eligible for one. This loan program was started in 1944 helping returning servicemen in buying their own homes. Serving the military offers many advantages, including finding it easy to get a home loan with 100% financing. How does it work? The application process for VA financing is actually the same as with many other mortgage loans. .. (VA Loans)

VA Loan - The Runt of the Loan Program Litter

 Scott Dovala (July 29, 2008)  Over the past year since the mortgage and housing implosion has started, we have only heard about Fannie Mae this, and Freddie Mac that. Mortgage companies have come and gone, some deservedly. Fannie, Freddie and FHA maximum loan limits have been adjusted upwards, thanks to the stimulus package and soon to a more permanent status by the Congress, Senate and President. Many new programs .. (VA Loans)

Military Personal Loans Get Comfort and Financial Security

 James M Martin (July 07, 2008)  The love and protective effort of the militaries towards its nation is simply incredible. They with unlimited labor and effort perform their duty without complaining anything about it. Therefore, several loans plans have been implemented for making the militaries feel secured in their financial crisis. Military personal loans are one among those which a military personal can take up for . (VA Loans)

Veteran Subsidized Loans - The Wartime and Peacetime Issue

 Lara Sawyer (June 24, 2008)  Veteran Loans and other military loans have different requirements for approval. If you have gone through the different offers, you may have found some loan conditions that refer to peacetime and wartime. These categories may vary according to the lender or government agency but there are some general time spans you can take into account to know in advance what the different periods .. (VA Loans)

Veterans Qualify For VA Loans

 Karen Bellas (June 11, 2008)  Banks and other private mortgage companies make a special type of home loan a portion of which is guaranteed by the Veterans Administration (VA) to veterans of the US Armed Services. This guarantee protects the lender's investment should the borrower default. Contact the VA to Determine if You are Eligible for a Loan There are various qualifications to be deemed eligible for this .. (VA Loans)

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