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Taxation the Current State of Play


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Currently the federal government operates under the assumption that all members of society are 14th Amendment citizens; and therefore, it ensures “their" citizen's privileges and obligations are protected, and that they have federal control over them wherever they reside. Great civilizations have always collapsed because they destroyed the value of their money. 5 OR you can invest in an IRA and the equation changes altogether depending on various factors. I heard one economist state that if most Americans use this money for consumption; it would help to stimulate the economy.

The 16th Amendment was passed by Congress in 1909, and was arguably ratified in 1913. We are the most technologically advanced nation in the world and have the ability to attack any spot on the face of the globe; we do not need to have massive numbers of troops and equipment all over the globe. “In the case of Murphy V IRS (2005), the Supreme Court stated: “The Sixteenth Amendment simply does not authorize the Congress to tax as “incomes" every sort of revenue a taxpayer may receive. Many people have incomes that are too high to be eligible for Roth IRA accounts (modified adjusted gross income must be below $116K single or $169K for a couple). For each child you have, you get an additional $300. The corporate entity enjoys a level of protection the citizen does not, therefore for that protection they pay a tax to the government.

It was not until the government started expanding into socialistic programs, wealth redistribution, and massive funding of other countries that they needed to steal from the American population. Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul puts it best, “you can't solve the problem of inflation with more inflation. Government will still get the extra money that it would otherwise have had to tax us for. I guess the only thing I can justify is maybe the new window blinds and they are for my kid's bedrooms. You can create a winning strategy, regardless of who wins the 2008 Presidential Election!. Funding the total operation of the government solely by constitutional taxation could be done if we were to remove the Federal Reserve, downsize the IRS, reduce overseas payouts (which amount to billions every year), cease to fund groups such as the UN, discard unnecessary social programs, and reduce our military footprint around the world.

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Alvin Yakatori.

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