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What tax form or forms did you use this year? Maybe you used the 1040EZ, or maybe you needed the 1099-MISC, but nearly everyone in the U. S. will use some kind of tax form every year. Do you simply have your tax advisor or accountant fill out all of the forms with you, with your role limited to signing and dating on the line? While some people do rely on someone else to prepare their taxes, most people do their own, and sometimes need advice about a particular tax form or question. Where can you go to get all of the different forms you may need? What are some free or low-cost options for tax form preparation?

The first form most people will need is their W-2 form. This is a statement of all of your earnings and deductions for the year which your employer should provide you no later than January 31st. You should also have copies of your interest statement from your bank or mortgage company, your tuition payment statement tax form from school, plenty of time to do your taxes.

If you are filling out forms by yourself, you may receive them in the mail from the IRS, but if you don’t you can go to a public library or post office and get the more basic state and federal forms, or you can download any tax form from the IRS website along with instructions and guidelines for filling it out. The IRS can even fax you up to 3 forms per phone call.

Low income assistance is very readily available to tax-filers in many forms. If you contact VITA, they are a non-profit tax form preparation service that works with individuals and families who have fairly basic returns. You can also go on the IRS website and they will analyze your needs and hook you up with an online preparer who can not only prepare your taxes, but will also help you to e-file-and they do this for free or for a very discounted rate depending on your income.

There are many online sites which will allow you to download software or you can purchase it at a store, to get both business and personal taxes done quickly and accurately. They will check for errors or deductions that you may have missed and then you can e-file. Any refund can be direct deposited right into your bank account within just a few weeks time.

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