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Tax help can come from an unlikely source-the IRS. You may know already that they have tax forms and instructions for tax forms and you may even know that they offer links to free tax preparation services for low income families, but you may not know about the tax help available through the Taxpayer Advocate Service. The TAS is an independent organization in the IRS that provides taxpayers free tax help to navigate through problems and issues that are not being resolved in a timely manner. Here are some of the conditions which will qualify you for the Taxpayer Advocate Service:

1. You have not had your issue resolved in the time frame that you were originally given, or within 30 days.

2. You can demonstrate that the issue will cause or is causing hardship or burden if you do not get tax help.

3. The problem will cause injury or irreparable damage.

You can look for more specifics on irs. gov.

If you feel that you would qualify for tax help from the TAS, then there are many ways that you can contact them. You can download a form 911 and fill it out or fax it in detailing your problem. Every state has a local office and you can contact them directly for tax help by phone or by e-mail or you can use regular mail. You will need to provide your social security or employee identification number along with an e-mail address or another way to reach you. You will be given the name and ID number of a case worker who you can contact for assistance on your particular case.

Although the TAS does offer tax help, they cannot go against the laws or policies and procedures of the IRS. They cannot overturn legal decisions or rewrite technical tax descriptions. But, they are not entirely powerless. They will help you in a respectful and courteous way to navigate the system and resolve your problem as soon as possible. They can make recommendations to the IRS or even make proposals to the federal government to make the system more taxpayer friendly.

If you have a suggestion or an issue that would affect a larger group of taxpayers other than just yourself, you can make that suggestion to the Systemic Advocacy branch. When they determine that it really is a system-wide issue, they will ask you for more information.

There is help for everyone.

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IRS Tax Debt - How to File Unfiled Tax Returns in Three Simple Steps
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