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Loans For Undergrads With Not So Good Credit


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All the people in the United States know that getting a college education in this country is a very expensive affair. You can not rely on the savings and in case you have a bad credit rating, you are in for a hard time. Thankfully it is possible to obtain loans for undergrads with not so good credit. Naturally these student loans might be a bit hard to procure but they can save your entire life in college.

Most of the people live in the misconception that just because their credit rating is not very good, they have no chance of getting into college. In fact this is just another misconception that arises because of lack of proper information. There are a number of options and not only the high interest, big mortgage options but the more lucrative ones, even those offered by the United States Department of Education are available for people with not so remarkable credit history.

Take the Stafford Loans for example. They are offered by the United States Government and channeled through the Department of Education. These loans are need based so they do not care about credit rating of the applicant. In fact they do not even bother about being able to get a cosigner. Same is the case if you try to get Perkins Loans. Again they are need based student loans and require you to prove less income.

Take up the the best case scenario, you might not need loan in the first place. The Government of United States has a plan called Pell Grants. These are special aid options for students who want higher education. , Subject to your age not being more than 23 and some other conditions being fulfilled, you would be eligible to get these grants. Pell grants require that you should fill up the FAFSA form and submit it for scrutiny.

The financial aid office would perform the required checks and inquiries to make sure that the information you provided is correct. Provided that your information is correct, you would be checked for eligibility to get a Pell grant. If you are found eligible, the grant would be provided.

Now take up the worst case scenario. You can not get Pell Grant, you can not get any student loan from the government either. All hope is not gone yet. There are a number of private financial companies which would give you loan provided you can present a cosigner and come up with something to mortgage. Make note that these loans would be carrying rather high interest rates.

Just because of the fact that your credit history has gone bad does not mean that you should abandon college education. It is possible to get loans for undergrads with not so good credit provided you are ready to go an extra mile.


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