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Five Reasons To Sell Structured Settlement Payments


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A structured settlement is a legal payout where someone who's been injured and otherwise hurt is given monetary compensation. A structured settlement annuity come in the form of a series of payments made over the course of a period of time. The bonus to this type of payment is that the aggrieved gets a steady stream of income coming in for a long period of time, the downfall of this type of settlement is that the person getting the funds might find themselves in a situation where they need a lump-sum for unexpected expenses or a big ticket item they might have their eyes on.

To consider the nature of some of the unexpected expenses someone receiving settlement payments can incur, one needs to consider the nature as to why people receive a structured annuity. Often, the settlement comes as the result of a court case where the claimant receives money as a result of some accident suffered. Often, these injuries can be severe enough the claimant could have serious medical conditions arise, conditions that might only show up after the person has settled there case.

They might need some quick money for an operation and selling off settlement annuity payments is a good way to get the cash owed to them in as little as 6 to 8 weeks. Of course, medical emergencies can quickly arise with any member of a family as well.

Another reason to sell off a structured settlement rings with a more positive note. As there are no legal reasons why a claimant cannot decide to sell off this asset, some of the more shrewd claimants keep an eye on the stocks and other markets to see if they can't transfer a lump sum from an annuity into another kind of moneymaker. Still, when considering this, it's important to realize that selling off a structured settlement will include a fee to the company helping you with the transaction.

Some of the people receiving a settlement annuity think about investing in something that's a little more tangible. A fair number of these claimants decide to buy homes with the proceeds from a structured settlement factoring transaction because the investment is something they can enjoy and pass along to their families when they pass on. Again, selling off these payments for this purpose demands careful attention to detail. Often, first time homeowners don't factor in all the little ‘hidden’ expenses that go with homeownership and these expenses can be especially worrisome when there's no stream of income coming in.

The final reason to sell off a structured settlement is perhaps the most realistic but at the same time the saddest. Often due to the nature of their injuries, people receiving structured settlements have shortened lifespans. So, it's not unusual for these people to want to take care of their families and cashing in a portion of their settlement annuity can help their families live a better life.

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