The Lowdown on Structured Settlement Sales


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A structured settlement is an arrangement in which an award, often from a lawsuit or claim, is paid out over time. This type of arrangement was originally designed to keep people from squandering away their wealth or fortunes quickly. They are meant to meet the long term financial needs of the person awarded the sum. Why, then, would anyone want to sell a structured settlement?

The truth is that your money is somewhat held hostage in a structured settlement – you do not have access to it except for the periodic checks that are sent to you. If something should occur that would necessitate getting your money earlier than expected or a larger amount, there is little that can be done to accomplish such a feat. With a structured settlement, you have the right to sit and wait for a check and little else. The reason many people wish to sell their structured settlement is to take control of their money.

There are numerous reasons someone may wish to sell a structured settlement. They may need the money to meet their basic living expenses or they may simply wish to invest the money for themselves and their future. However, the primary motivating factor is that they want to have access to their money, regardless of their intentions of spending it.

It seems in the shuffle of deciding what is best for those being awarded, no one bothered to ask the very people that are really affected. For the most part, people do not want to be censored in their spending, even if it turns out to be frivolous – shouldn’t someone have that option to do what they choose with their own money? Selling structured settlements is simply about regaining that freedom and taking back the control of your money.

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