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Patience and hope are two tools that can yield fabulous returns for any investor, but, they prove to be dangerous when they get hold of the calculations of any day trader. They are no longer considered to be boon for investments when market is breaking down and trader is still hoping to get his share of profits by holding the shares. No assumption is better than the reality. Most of the traders do not sell stock trusting their assumptions even when the market falls. For them, it is important to understand that the share market is fluctuating and no prediction can wave the moves of the stock prices. Hence, it becomes essential to know the art of buy and sell stocks.

Talking about buying of stocks, it is important for any trader to buy the stock at the right time. The investors, most of the time, lose on opportunities of new IPO's and shares of renowned companies due to their frowned eyes. Missing on such opportunities is a big mistake. Grabbing the companies that has excellent growth rate is just like guaranteed returns. Make sure that the shares of reputed companies are bagged. Investing in small company seeks greater chances to hook up loss or fraud than any renowned company.

Also, the prices of the stock remain the main ingredient. Buying the stock at its peak is of no use as a stock on the peak tends to fall in the next future. However, there are many shares that rise even after a great rise. Hence, following expert's tips and stock broker advice can get you to those over growing stocks which can be bagged for better returns. Once the stock is purchased, make sure that it remains with stock investor for the right time. Retaining the stock for the right time gets better returns to the investor. A technique called hedging can be devised during this process. It is, technically one of the safest techniques while investing in stocks. It commands on the law that indicates “longer the holding, lesser the risk. " This process is not much affected by the immediate in-swings of the stock market, hence, reducing the risks. However, for investors it is important to understand that holding also needs an appropriate time.

Selling stock at the right time is the decision maker of the results. Though most of the day traders seek to sell the stock at highest prices, but it has a thin line of difference between the highest and lower prices. Stock market being fluctuating and indefinite generally makes a trader lose. Hence, a trader needs not to be greedy. Seeking the right opportunity to sell is not the thing to do. Just sell the share seeking a meager return because any fluctuation may tend a trader to loose. However, retaining a positive growth share is sheer because of its assurance of growth in the next future.

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