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Don't try and save money on these food items

Julie Lord

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Some foodstuffs just cost more.

We tend to take the view that it’s always possible to make savings when it comes to food. If you’re not happy with the price at your local supermarket or store then you can always buy something cheaper elsewhere. However, sometimes items just don’t come any cheaper – and sometimes the sacrifices that you have to make to find a lower price just aren’t worth it.


Not everyone agrees that the more you pay for meat, the better the quality of the meat you’re getting. However, there is certainly an argument for paying more for your chicken, beef and pork. Why? Well higher welfare meats tend to cost more, as well as those that have come from organic farms and are chemical free. There are many good arguments for supporting high welfare farms, from the fact that free range meat tends to taste better, to empathy for the way animals are treated as they go through the slaughter process. Whether your motivation is taste or compassion, if you pay more for your meat – and perhaps eat it less often – then it could be a much more enjoyable experience.

Wine and champagne

You don’t have to pay top price for your wines but there is certainly a point below which you’re not going to get much more than vinegar. If you’re in big wine producing countries like France then the cheap table wine is often delicious and very drinkable – but that’s generally not the case elsewhere. Champagne is another item that is difficult to buy more cheaply without compromising on quality. If a situation deserves champagne then it probably deserves the real thing and that’s worth paying a little bit more for.

Branded items

You can save money on branded food items but you also need to be very careful about where you’re buying them from. Food fraud is a lot more common than many people realise and can have some serious consequences, such as food poisoning or even death from toxic ingredients. Buying branded goods at crazy cheap prices could be an indication that what’s in the jar or box isn’t actually what the label says and you could be purchasing a fake.


Many of the big supermarket chains advertise luxury food items at slashed prices, from lobster to steak. However, the reality is that if you’re paying less for your ‘luxury’ food items then you’re probably not getting the kind of quality to deliver the luxury taste or texture that you might expect. The end result may be that a luxury food purchase ends up being rather a disappointment. So, according to the finance experts at Solution Loans , instead of looking for cheap luxuries, eat fewer of them and pay the full price so that you get the true luxury taste experience from the world's most expensive food .


Cheap chocolate often contains palm oil, which is produced by an industry that is rife with animal cruelty, deforestation, habitat degradation and has been identified as one of the causes of climate change. If you pay a little more for your chocolate you can avoid supporting this industry and also get a tastier treat to enjoy. Some better quality chocolate is even good for you – high quality dark chocolate, for example, has been shown to help improve health and lower the risk of heart disease.


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