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Information on Non Chexsystems Banks

Aleshia Faithfull

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If you've been listed in Chexsystem you know just how hard it is to find non Chexsystems banks to use for your account. I know because I've been there.

My Story

When I took my account to the minimum balance and moved out of the country for 6 months I thought that everything was fine. All my bills were paid, all my checks were cashed and everything was squared away. Unfortunately I forgot about an annual membership payment that was set up to be taken from my account. When this was processed it put my account into overdraft.

Because I was traveling I didn't receive the notices and by the time I returned to the USA my account was closed, I owed several hundred dollars in overdraft fees and I was listed in Chexsystem.

I tried negotiating with my bank but they weren't interested. I tried opening an account with another bank but once they found out I was listed in Chexsystem they wanted nothing to do with me.

I was forced to start paying high fees to money order and check cashing places in order to conduct my financial life. It was frustrating, demoralizing and a waste of money. Then I got a tip from a friend that I'm going to share with you: It is possible to get an account with a non Chexsystem bank. One that won't harass you or deny you just because you made a mistake. Now I'm going to share that information with you.

I have been successfully using these two banks with no problems for the last two years and I can highly recommend them.

Bank 1 - Second Chance Bank Account

This bank GUARANTEES that they will open an account for you. No muss, no fuss and no embarrassment in being told you're declined. With them bank I have a fully functioning debit card, a routing number for direct deposit, access to online banking and almost everything else a traditional bank provides - minus the guilt. I love them and even once I'm out of Chexsystems I will stay with them.

Bank 2 - ING Direct

ING Direct helps me stay organized. I don't qualify for their checking account because of Chexsystem but I use their savings account religiously. The thing I like best about them (besides the fact that they approved me and have a great savings rate) is that in one account I can have multiple sub-accounts. This means that I can separate my savings into categories which make tracking my money a breeze. For example, I have a category each for Rent, Insurance, Car Payment and Vacation. This allows me to automatically put a little bit of money into each sub-account each month so then I can pay the entire bill when it comes. I love it. Everything is automated and once you set it up it just moves everything for you.

Credit Unions

Another option I looked into was opening an account with a credit union. Many of them don't use non Chexsystem banks so it's a good option. However, I really like the convenience of having all of my accounts online so that's the route I decided to go. But if you like to be able to walk into the bank you use, I'm sure there are Credit Unions in your area that will open an account for you, you just have to make some calls.

So there are some options for you. Hopefully you'll be able to find something that works for you so you can get back to a normal financial life and stop wasting time and money on money order and check cashing places.


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