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How To Maximize the Return on Your Cash-4 Tried and Trusted Methods

Gorry Terry

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Do you have thousands of dollars sitting in a bank account making the minimum interest rate? Do you wish you could somehow put this money to work making more money for you while you aren’t using it? Investing is a great way to earn money while it is not being directly used by you. There are many types of investments with varied lengths of time that can prove useful for you.

1. Certificate of Deposit
While you do earn some interest leaving your money in a regular savings account, you do not make nearly as much as if you invest it. One great way to invest is with a T-Bill or a Certificate of Deposit. These are great because they are guaranteed by the government.

Also, you can get these for anywhere from three months to a full year. So, if you want to leave your money in one and use it later, you do not have to worry about the maturity date not having been met. However, the longer your investment is for, the greater your interest rate is.

2. Bonds
A bond is a type of investment in which you lend your money to a struggling company or to the government. The interest rate with this depends on the length of the investment term, and level of risk. Investment in a relatively stable company or government is low-risk, so the interest rate will be low as well.

However, if you take the higher risk of investing in a less stable company or government, your interest rate can be higher. This all depends on how comfortable you are taking risks. Either way, bonds are a great opportunity to help a struggling country or the government while making a profit.

3. Mutual Funds
Mutual funds are great if you want to invest in more than one thing with little risk. With mutual funds, you invest your money with other investors in many stocks and bonds. Collectively, the investors have one professional manager who makes sure that you are getting your profits.

This is a great way to invest because it minimizes loss, should the stocks or bonds take a hit. One drawback is that your investments are in the hands of someone else.

4. Stocks and Shares
When you purchase stocks, you are becoming part owner of a business. The company’s profits are often directly reflected in your earnings, and you are allowed to vote in shareholders’ meetings.

Aside from the company giving dividends, you make money when the value of the stocks rises. This type of investment is great because the potential for gain is tremendous. If you pick out a good up and coming business and purchase stocks while their values are still low, you will be able to sit back and watch the value rise.

There are many ways aside from these to invest, but these are a few great options. Consider investing your money in many different types of investments. Diversification is good for minimizing loss and trying out different types of investments. Investing is a good way to earn extra money and possibly help other businesses and the economy.
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10% Return Read the Small Print! The Best Place to Save Your Cash During the ..
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