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Raising Extra Cash Now It is Possible Without Spending a Fortune


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So, you found some information on a business idea you want to try. But, how are you going to get the extra cash to get you started?

While some of us may have the extra dollars to spend, others have to be creative to come up with the necessary funds to get us rolling.

There are many ways one might go about solving the cash flow problem in the family budget. Being in that predicament much of my life, I have checked into numerous schemes and scams over my lifetime and, like many others, I have usually been disappointed and frustrated.

BUT, not all the time.

In fact, I have run across some ideas that are really honest, simple, and easily done without investing very much money and time. Some are, in fact, quite painless. Most of these ideas require patience and good organization skills, but some of them are easily done by anyone of average abilities and determination and a computer with an internet connection.

One of my favorite methods to raise extra cash involves being able to write good reports. This means good grammar and punctuation skills. Do you have such? If you do, then you could do well with one of my methods.

Can a person get rich by doing the things I am talking about? Not likely! But what we are after is adding some income to the household either to buy some of the extras we may need or to invest in a certain project we have in mind. Maybe even to be able to afford to start a business that we are interested in.

The criteria I stuck to in all my searching was as follows:

  • It had to be honest and legal.
  • It had to be relatively inexpensive to get started.
  • It had to be something I could control.
  • It had to reward me for my time and effort.

Did I find ways that met all these requirements? Yes, I did.

Was it hard to sort through all the greed inducing and worthless schemes out there? Yes again.

Was it worth the trouble? Yes! But if there was a way to cut the time and money involved to find the good ones, that would have been great.

What one needs to do is research, research, and more research. Talk to people who have found ways to add to the household piggy bank.

Search web sites for real experiences of those who have achieved a degree of success with small business ventures.

Talk to people you know who have succeeded in some endeavor like this. Try to get any helpful advice they will give, but remember, some will be reluctant to share information with potential competition.

Try to find a need in your area and fill the need. For example, do you live by a lake? Are there fisherman using that lake?

If so, what about raising earthworms in a small space in your back yard to sell to them for bait or to sell to nearby outlets such as places that sell fishing tackle.

What about your life skills? Do you have some trade skills, or perhaps some artistic skills of some kind, that others could use?

If so, why not offer to mentor interested ones for a fee. Perhaps put a small ad in the local newspaper offering your services.

These are just two examples, but the idea is to use what is available for your situation.

Don't give up just because someone tells you it won't work. (Someone told me I could not raise peaches on the Oregon coast and I grow some of the tastiest peaches you can imagine every summer. ) In other words, sometimes it really pays to be stubborn and persistent.

That is the real key. Don't give up!

Having spent untold hours and dollars on searching for ways to supplement the family income, I eliminated a large percentage of the advertised and hyped methods as being too expensive to get into, too complicated, or just a plain waste of time.

Please visit my web site:

On the Products and Services page, you will see my report: Raising Extra Cash Now-Three Ways You Can Do It With Little Expense.

If you purchase my report, I assure you that it contains 3 ways to find some extra cash for your project or to help ease the cash flow problem at your house.

In the report, I give the web sites of various companies you can use to help you in your efforts. Yes, it will still require some work on your part, but these suggestions will work if you will.

Thank you for reading my article.


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