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Money - Where Do You Cut Back?


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Many people today have problems in cutting back because they see things in their life as things that are necessary for their living. You may feel that you have to deprive yourself or your family from the things that makes you happy.

What is your goal?

Before you decide to cut back on things you want or things you need in life, you need to have a plan. What is the reason for cutting back, it is not good enough to cut back without having a plan to either buy something big or to get out of debt, lost your job. It would be nice if you have a mate and that person would be happy to get on board with the goal.

Big stuff goal

Big items such as buying a home or a car that you hope will last for a while you want to shop around to get the best price even if it means that you need to wait for the right deal to come around.

Small stuff cutback

You may focus on the small things to cut back on such as credit cards, eating out, coffee shops, and cell phone, cable TV, working with your creditors.

Budgeting for fun

It is necessary that you put aside money for having fun because this can create difficulty in the relationship although you are saving for that big ticket item. Cutting back does not have to feel like depriving yourself, it is more in your favour to see it as what you are achieving together.

It does not matter what you chose to spend it on as long as you agree that it is for fun and no blame or justifying what you spent it on.


If you blame your mate maybe this will give them the idea to want to get on board to cut back on thing so you can save. That strategy of blaming or nagging your mate so they will want to work together will push them away more than help you.

Working together or alone

You may be alone or have a mate to help you attain the goal with cutting back in your financial spending if you do not have help you can still achieve your goal by making small steps to get there. Create ways by taking action on your own and later showing the results and allowing the other to make up their mind.

Conclusion: Cutting back in your finance does not have to be a sacrifice it can be a discovery of the strength of working for a important goal.

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