A Quck Lesson in Saving Money


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Did you have a piggy bank when you were a child? I did. Mine sat empty for a long time until my mother convinced me that I should really start putting my pennies and nickels into it in order to save my money for when I was older and wanted to buy something.

So, I did. I had about forty cents on me from the sale of some baseball cards to one of my friends (probably a Reggie Jackson Rookie Card or something worth thousands today) and I plunked it into the piggy bank to save money for “when I was older. ” The next day I went to my mother and asked her, “How do you pray?” She was definitely taken aback by the question (I was probably five or six years old at the time), but gave me a long religious discussion about talking to God and waiting to hear an answer, the whole nine yards. I was puzzled by this response and asked my next question, “But how do you pray open?” She asked what I meant, so I went and got my piggy bank to show her the disc on the bottom which had a small slot perfectly sized for the insertion of a flathead screwdriver, upon which was stamped the phrase PRY OPEN. I was, after all, a day older and I wanted my forty cents for the ice cream man.

Too many people seem to have this same, childlike attitude toward saving money. They may open a savings account or even a CD account with the best intentions of saving money until they’re “older, ” but find themselves making more withdrawals than deposits and, in the case of CD’s and IRAs, sometimes paying hefty penalties to the bank. If you’re one of these people, I implore you to stop.

Put down that screwdriver (withdrawal slip), and walk away so you can save money. The ice cream man (or new TV, stereo system, DVD player or whatever) may look pretty good now, but you’ll probably want to have those funds when you’re older and on a more limited income. Don’t pry open your bank account – the piggy bank for adults – before your time. Heck, maybe you’ll get better results by trying to pray it open instead.

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Saving Money 7 Ways to Save Money
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