Getting Even With Gas Stations Owners

David D. Wells

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Are you tired of not being able to budget the ever increasing cost of fuel in your family budget? Relax! Relief is on the way. This may not be the relief you are hoping for but it is the relief that you need. What is the relief you say? I’m going to teach you how to more than afford the rising cost of gasoline.

I am fed up with the media reports of gas station owners raising the price of gasoline. In some cases they have raised the prices even before they themselves have had to pay the inflated price to their suppliers. I am fed up with this rip off. They say it is supply and demand that’s causing this. Well, I’ve watched the price of the crude oil at times go down but I have yet to see the prices at the pump go down at the same time. I’ve decided to get even with those gasoline owners.

The first key is to do the same thing they did to us. Let’s hit them in their pockets. Let me tell you how. Gas station owners rely heavily on inside sales for a bulk of their profits. Starting today do not purchase anything from the inside of a gas station, no matter how convenient it is. Of course gas station owners will say they are charging what they have to pay to get the gas themselves. Fair enough but, if you can not give us a break in gasoline prices you can give us a break in sales inside the store. So instead of giving us the price break on items inside the store just transfer the discount to the price of gas.

The second key is to find a way to make a profit from what the gas station pays to the supplier. We can do this indirectly by learning how to earn a percentage of the price movement in crude oil. You do know that people are making fortunes from this right now?

The third key is to find someone who has experience in not only teaching others how to make money from gas station owners but, also someone who has actually done it himself.

For more information send an email to with the words Gas Relief Efforts in the subject line.

There’s a famous quote that says “the genius of making money is not knowing everything, but rather surrounding yourself with those who do”. There are people making a serious income from this situation are you ready to join them? I thought so.

Remember; do not purchase anything inside of gas stations until they give us a price break at the pump. Try to stick to this as long as it takes. Next, look for ways to profit from the gas station pay for gasoline themselves. Learning to trade crude oil is an excellent way to do this. And finally seek out someone who has positioned himself to profit from this information. You can do this by sending an email to

Begin today to crack the wealth code!

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