This Is A Test, It Is Only A Test !

Jay Bartels

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This is a test, it is only a test. For the next 10 minutes I will try to hold your attention long enough for you to realize; “Jay's got a good point, " or for some of you, you might be thinking, “what the heck did he just say?" Either way let's get started and see if we can stir things up a little.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself that will qualify me as a respected writer, and a thinker who is way ahead of his time, and well behind on his rent. Now it's come to my attention that for some of you, as soon as you get caught up on your bills, the next ones are due already. For most of you I realize how frustrating that can be, and although I've been in your shoes, it appears that you've got it figured out better than I do, because I haven't quite got down the part about “being caught up on your bills", however, and I hate to boast, I can honestly say that last week I didn't see a single bill, but the mailman told me I need to empty my mailbox, so that stretch of good luck came to an abrupt halt.

So now what?

I begin the sorting process, dividing my bills up into three different groups. “This is how we do it", and this my friend is why I may be broke, yet I'm the mastermind behind this time tested sorting system. The man with the plan, the king of the hill, the master of the three day notice to evict. Been there, done that, but that was before my system was totally fool proof, and this fool will prove it. So I sort my bills into three separate groups; the bills I must pay, followed by the bills I must pay now, and I take those 2 piles and gently place them into a third pile, which is the most important part of the entire sorting system. I like to call this very organized group, " The bills I can't pay pile", which now systematically, and I must say from years and years of testing, now only leaves me with only one pile, where there once was three.


Stick with me and I'll take you places you've never dreamed of. This has been a test. It is only a test! Had this been a real emergency, we would have all been in a lot of trouble. Stay tuned, I have plenty more tests to reveal to you, to make your life just that much easier. Ciao

Jay is a full time, work at home single father of two lovely daughters. He currently has several articles and blogs which can be found on his home site Jays Plan - Secrets of a Single Dad Which is a Family and Parenting site that is a must see

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