Online Banks: Great Rates, You Win!

Matthew Keegan

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Consumers who are looking for decent returns on their monies need look no further than the internet for the best rates. Online or internet banks are growing in popularity as consumers discover that they are great sources for offering optimum rates, customer choice, as well as unmatched convenience. Let’s examine some of the benefits of banking online.

Great rates. Sure, in this day of low interest rates, 4% may not sound like a good return on your money, but if you are currently earning .9% through your local bank’s checking account, you can open a money market account paying a much higher rate today. Some online banks have higher minimums than others, while other internet banks simply allow you to open up an account for a few dollars and for a period as short as one year. Even better are those internet banks allowing consumers to open up daily savings accounts. Many of these online institutions are currently paying 3.4% or better and you can make withdrawals from your account at any time without penalties kicking in.

Ease of use. All internet banks allow for customers to do their banking from their personal computers. Most have highly secured sites that require users to take several steps before accessing their information. This is particularly helpful if you are concerned about identity theft. The better online banks will allow for you to hook up your account to your local bank for easy transfer of funds when you need them. These institutions offer a variety of savings plans and some provide low cost loans and mortgages for their customers.

Abundant choices. Many more institutions are now offering their services online. Some are exclusively online banks, while others have “brick and mortar” versions of their bank available to consumers too. ING Direct, EmigrantDirect, MetLifeBank, and ETrade Bank are some of the most recognized providers of remote banking services.

Shop around for the bank that is right for you. You can see your money grow faster and have access to your account at all hours of the day with an online bank. Internet banking is here to stay; so what are you waiting for?

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