To Sell or Not to Sell your Structured Settlement - That is the Question


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The answer to that question is difficult.
The question you might ask yourself: Do I need all the money now or just some?
You might want to sell off some payments and keep the rest or sell part of your payments and that way you can receive a reduced amount each month. There are many options to explore.

There are now laws in most state that will protect your structured settlement sale. New law makes all structured settlement payment sales subject to a court order. If no court order, a tax equal to 40 percent will have to paid on the total amount of payments being sold. This is good, making selling your settlement safer.

When deciding whether to sell your structured settlement or not, you need to consider that your proceeds are put to good use.

For example: to pay for medcial expenses, to buy a house, pay for an education, a business opportunity or to keep from filing bankruptcy. Any good reason would make sense.
To go on vacation or buy an expensive car might not be in your best interest.
Remember this money needs to last you a long time.

My best advice is to find a ethical company that buys structured settlements. Its important that you feel secure with them. Take your time and shop around.

Frank ReCouper Sr. is President of FDR Resources and has been in financial services for over 45 years. For more information:


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