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By refinancing your property online you can take advantage of competitive rates in the convenience of your home. You should consider refinancing your property if interest rates are lower, your financial situation has improved, or your credit rating has improved. Once you are ready to refinance, search for lenders’ rates online for easy comparison shopping.

When To Refinance

Lower interest rates for mortgage loans are a prime time to refinance, but there are other times to consider refinancing too. For instance, if your financial situation has improved through a higher salary or extra cash reserves, then you may qualify for lower interest rates even if rates for mortgages in general haven’t fallen. The same applies for improved credit ratings.

In addition to lowering rates, you can also withdraw equity from your property to invest in land improvements or pay off high interest credit cards.

Finding Lenders

Lenders’ rates vary as much as 5% between financing companies, so it makes sense to shop around. Online lending websites allow you to quickly compare rates through general quotes. For an actual refinancing quote, you will need to provide more detailed information, but general quotes will give you a rough idea of who is the most competitive.

Besides comparing rates, look at lenders’ fees and points. These hidden loan costs can mean the difference of thousands of dollars. When comparing loans, add the interest you will pay over the course of the loan and all fees and points to get the total cost of the loan.

Requesting Quotes

Once you have picked a handful of potential lenders, request actual loan quotes from them. Online lenders will require you to fill out a detailed questionnaire, providing information about you and the property. Job history, property location, and other details are all factors in determining your refinancing rates. Requesting refinancing quotes will not lock you into a loan, but will ensure you are getting a competitive financing package.

Applying Online

You can finish the refinancing process online by completing your application through the lender’s website. Typically, if you have received a detailed quote, your application is practically finished. Once you have given the go ahead, the lender will send out the final paperwork for your signature and approval. The loan process from beginning to end usually takes less than six weeks.

To view our list of recommended refinance lenders online, visit this page: Recommended Refinance Lenders Online .

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