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Getting approved for a jumbo mortgage loan online is similar to getting approved for a traditional mortgage when you use a mortgage broker. However, you can expect to find lower interest rates online with better terms.

Choose Your Type Of Jumbo Mortgage Loan

Jumbo mortgage loans offer as many financing options as a conventional mortgage loan. You can pick from a fixed-term loan to an ARM with one to ten years until rates lock in. You can also put zero down, have unverified income and assets, or no ratio test.

Before you apply for a jumbo mortgage loan, determine which type of loan is best for your situation. You can read up on loan terms on mortgage brokers’ websites.

Shop Rates And Fees

Since jumbo mortgage loans can’t be sold off to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you can expect to pay slightly higher rates, as little as 1/8% more than a conventional mortgage loan.

Just like with a traditional mortgage, it pays to compare rates and fees to find the best mortgage. Request quotes from a mortgage broker before deciding on a jumbo mortgage lender. Also, request information on the fees included in the loan, which must be disclosed according the federal law.

Tips For Quick Approval

To speed up your application process with a mortgage lender, complete as much information online. Applications completed online are fed directly into the lender’s databases, which can then be verified almost instantly.

Also be sure to complete the application. Any fields left blank or only partially completed will cause a delay in the process as a person will have to verify and correct the information. And, double-check for any spelling errors in your application, which will result in the databases not correctly matching your information with the lender’s sources.

After Mortgage Approval

After you are approved for you jumbo mortgage, continue to keep in touch with the mortgage lender throughout the process. Email and phone calls replace office visits and ensure funds are process on time. You can also avoid any problems by submitting needed information about the property before you receive the request in the mail.

To view our list of recommended mortgage lenders online, visit this page: Recommended Mortgage Lenders Online .

Carrie Reeder is the owner of ABC Loan Guide , an informational website online about various types of loans.

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