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Arizona Mortgage Refinance Rates - Lower Rates Reduce Mortgage Payments


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Did you know the mere fact that you reside in Arizona is a plus when you refinance your mortgage loan? Lenders find real estate in Arizona to be valuable, and are willing to offer you the lowest refinance rate they can in order to be chosen as your mortgage lender. Allow me to explain.

Lenders are aware of certain facts about Arizona that make the real estate valuable:

  • It includes rich terrain that includes lush landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking mountain peaks and boasts more than 300 sunny days per year.
  • Real estate includes family homes, luxury estates, downtown lofts, and some of the most sought after retirement communities in the country.
  • Attractive and affordable homes are located in the greater metropolitan areas.
  • The slightly higher price of a downtown home is offset by the above average median household income.
  • Real estate taxes are lower in Arizona than many other states.
  • These attributes have resulted in a population that has been booming for decades, and forecasters predict that residents in what has been dubbed the ‘Arizona Sun Corridor’ will top 10 million by the year 2040.

In a state where there is great weather, a beautiful landscape, and steady population growth, lenders can foresee real estate in Arizona becoming more and more valuable as the years go by. Think about it. Even with economic rises and falls, the following will remain true in the long term:

  • Each year as the population grows, more people will need housing
  • As the need for housing increases, so does the value of a house.
  • The mortgage company holds an interest in your home as you repay the loan.
  • A home that increases in value is an asset to the lender.
  • In exchange for the opportunity to hold an interest in your home, they will offer you the lowest interest rate they can on your mortgage loan.

You can use their desire to your advantage. Since you live in Arizona where lenders deem real estate very valuable and the Fed funds rate is hovering at record lows (with forecasters predicting as low as 2%), now is prime time for a mortgage loan refinance . We do not know how long the low Arizona mortgage refinance rates will last. It is worth the few minutes it will take to find out how much your refinance interest rate will be lowered.

-Ken S.

For help finding out how much you can save with a lower Arizona mortgage refinance rate (or to lower your rate in any other state), visit

Ken S. is the founder of - dedicated to helping consumers save money through low rates on loans, insurance, and travel.


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