Four Quick Tips on How to Lower Your Mortgage Interest Rate


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Lowering your mortgage interest rate

Are you buying a new home? I don't care if it's a condo or a house, you will end up spending a lot of money. For most people it's going to be the single largest business deal of their life. To keep expenses in check it is extremely important to try and secure the very best mortgage rate possible. There is a number of things you can do to lower your mortgage rate, and right now is an excellent time because of the low interest rates.

Tip number one - let lenders compete

Banks and mortgage brokers are in business to lend you money. If your credit record is in order and you have a steady paycheck coming in you are a prime candidate for a home loan, and banks will bid under each other to offer you a loan. The trick is to let them know you are an informed customer looking for the very best interest rate, and that you are also looking at what other banks have to offer. Don't just go to your regular bank, shop around!

Tip number two - get your interest rate offer in writing

Right, so you have approached several different banks to try and secure a low interest rate for your new home loan. As soon as one of these financial institutions have pre-screened you and are ready to offer you a loan, get them to put the interest rate they will extend to you in writing. With this interest rate locked in, you can now get back to all the other banks you are talking to and tell them: “If you can't match a 5.25% interest rate, we have nothing to talk about. "

Tip number three - don't compare apples and pears

Remember that the interest rate you get is dependent on a number of things, but the main factor is if you are shooting for a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage (FRM or ARM, as they are called for short). This is in fact one of the first decisions you have to make about your mortgage. Say you decide you are looking for a 3/1 ARM, being fixed at an initial low rate for the first three years and adjusted each year after that. That means that is what you are going to use as a basis for comparison between different lenders. Don't get sidetracked by all the other adjustable mortgage rates or fixed rares on offer, they'll only get you mixed up.

Tip number four - go for the adjustable rate mortgage

First of all, everyone has different needs and no one mortgage type will fit all. Some people really appreciate the security of knowing the exact amount of their mortgage payments for years to come, and that means fixed rate is the best choice for them. With that out of the way, what we're looking to find here is the best way to lower the interest rate on your mortgage. And that definitely means adjustable rate. Adjustable rates mortgages are nearly always lower than fixed rates, just take a look at what your local bank will offer you. Over the life of your mortgage that adds up to serious money, and personally I've always hated paying too much!

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Mortgage Interest Rates: Should You Lock In Your Mortgage Interest Rate
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