Two Easy Ways To Get Cheap Home Loans Online


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If you're like most people, you probably want a cheap home loan - but don't know how to reduce your payments.

There are some easy ways to do this. First, find the loan company with the lowest rates online. Second, get the best loan to value on your loan against the equity in your home.

Lets check each of these out in detail, to give you a better understanding - and a better chance of getting a cheap loan.

Getting the lowest rates online:

There are a lot of deals out there for homeowners - even with poor credit - if they have some home equity! The big variable is in the interest rates that a bank offers.

You'll want to get as many free home loan quotes from as many competing companies as possible, all with just one check of your credit rating. To do this, apply with some of the recommended companies at sites like:

http://kickme. to/loan-advisor and other sites that review online loan companies that have the best rates.

These companies get lower interest rates then traditional banks because they don't require as many staff, rent or other costs that big banks have to deal with.

Having got your quote, you'll now be armed to know the best available rate for your home loan, home equity loan or whatever type of loan you're backing with your home's collateral.

Cashing in with Home Equity:

Now let's find out how to get the most from your home's equity.

What banks often look for in a loan to value ratio in a loan is the value of your home vs. the amount that you still owe on your home.

So, you want to know that the amount that you're trying to borrow is equal to or less then the equity that you have in your home.

The lower the amount that you apply for is under the amount of equity that you have, the better the odds are of getting the loan. For instance if you have $30,000 in equity - you'll have a much easier time getting a loan for $20,000 vs. a loan for $30,000.

Also, try getting quotes for different amounts. If you really want $25,000, get quotes for a loan of $25,000, $20,000 and $15,000 and see what the differences in the rates are.

Try to get the amount of money that you really need - and want - don't get greedy! You'll have to pay it back anyway, and your payments will be lowered.

Good luck And Great Rates!

Liam Griffon has worked in the mortgage and home loan field for several years, and is now a private real estate investor focusing on multi-unit income properties. He collaborates and writes articles for:


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