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Because of low interest rates, many homeowners are opting to refinance their homes and cash-out at closing. The refinance process is similar to the procedure of obtaining the original mortgage. Homeowners must be approved by a lender and pay fees associated with acquiring a new loan – closing cost, title search, settlement fee, etc. Yet, there are benefits to refinancing a home. Homeowners may obtain a lower interest rate, which equals lower monthly payments. Moreover, refinancing a home for a shorter term allows the property to build equity quicker.

Benefits of Refinancing with Poor Credit

Refinancing a home with good or fair credit is less complicated. Persons with a good credit rating are qualified candidates, thus some lenders are more willing to compete for their business. Some homeowners with bad credit may hesitate to refinance. However, it is possible to refinance a home with poor credit. In fact, refinancing and receiving a lump sum of money at closing may help improve credit. Once funds are received, the homeowners could use money to pay off high interest credit cards and other consumer debt, which will boost credit ratings.

How to Get Approved?

Getting approved for a refinance with poor credit requires work and patience. There are “high risk" lenders willing to loan money. Nonetheless, before applying for a mortgage, homeowners should try and correct any blemishes on their credit report. This may include paying down the balance on credit cards or maintaining a current account standing with creditors.

Mortgage Brokers: Negotiating the Deal

Submitting a loan application to several different lenders is the key. These include local lenders and online lenders. It is recommended that homeowners receive at least three quotes. Mortgage brokers are highly effective because they have access to various lenders that specialize in granting loans to individuals with a poor credit rating. Brokers negotiate with these lenders to help an applicant obtain a loan that meets their needs. After a loan application is submitted to a mortgage broker, within 24 hours homeowners will receive multiple quotes from several different lenders who offer mortgages for poor credit. Multiple offers afford the opportunity to compare rates, and select the best offer.

To view our list of recommended poor credit mortgage companies online, visit this page: Recommended Poor Credit Mortgage Refinance Companies Online .

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Getting Approved for an Arkansas Mortgage Refinance After Bankruptcy
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