Refinance Home Loans with Bad Credit - Knowing When to Refinance


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Do you want a lower monthly payment? Perhaps you prefer to switch your adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate. If this sounds familiar, refinancing your home may serve to your advantage. In the past five years, mortgage interest rates have dropped dramatically. Thus, many people who purchased homes when rates were high refinanced their homes. Refinance involves creating a new home mortgage, and homeowners must re-apply for a home loan. With this said, refinancing sounds great for individuals with good credit. However, refinance loans for bad credit are widely available.

Refinance Home Loans

Ordinarily, a person with bad credit would have a difficult time obtaining a loan. This is because a persons credit worthiness is based on information included in their credit report. Individuals with a history of paying bills late or refusing to pay their creditors are considered high risk candidates, thus lenders are unwilling to loan money to them. However, refinance loans are different. When a homeowner refinances, their house serves as the collateral. Therefore, if a person defaults on the loan, the lender may take possession of their home.

Knowing When to Refinance

The key to refinancing a home involves knowing when to refinance. Commercials and radio advertise low interest rates. Thus, many homeowners choose to take advantage of low rates and lower their monthly payments. Unfortunately, the cost of refinancing a home may sometimes outweigh the savings. Because a refinance creates a new mortgage, homeowners are responsible for fees such as closing costs, title search fees, settlement fees, prepayment penalty fees, etc. Moreover, some mistakenly refinance before a home has time to build sufficient equity. Another reason for refinancing a home includes receiving a shorter term, which may also boost a home's equity

One benefit to refinancing a home with poor credit is that homeowners may receive a lump sum at closing. This money may be used to improve credit – pay off credit cards, consumer debt, etc. For this to happen, a property must have ample equity. Some mortgage professionals encourage homeowners to keep an original mortgage for at least two years before refinancing. This allows the property value and equity to grow.

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