Refinance After Bankruptcy - Refinancing with a Low Credit Score


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Refinancing after a bankruptcy can help you access your home’s equity at rates better than other forms of credit. You can also use it to lower your rates and payments after your bankruptcy has been discharged for awhile. The important thing is to look for the right lenders so you don’t get caught paying high interest rates.

When to Refinance Home Mortgage Rate?

As soon as your bankruptcy is discharged, you can refinance your home. However, your credit score will be near the bottom at first, so your rates will be high. Expect rates to be 10% or higher right after bankruptcy.

But your credit score doesn’t have to stay at the bottom. In two years, your score can be in the 600’s and enjoying near conventional rate offers. Even though your bankruptcy will be on your record for seven to ten years, its impact will lessen each day. Lenders are more concerned about how you are using credit in the last year.

Reasons to Refinance Mortgage Loan

Cashing out your equity is one reason to refinance. Using your home’s equity as collateral will qualify you for better rates than if you went with other forms of credit. A home equity loan can be used as a tool to rebuild payment history.

Another reason to refinance is to lower rates on other debts. To get the most out of this strategy, wait at least two years after discharge. You may also want to look at your credit report to be sure you get full credit for your good record.

Where to Shop for Home Mortgage Lenders?

Shopping lenders will save you money on refinancing. In the past, people accepted whatever rate the local sub prime lender offered. Those days are over with the internet. Now you can get dozens of loan quotes in a few minutes.

Take the time to go over those offers. The APR is the number you should be primarily concerned about, but also look at their terms and fees. Don’t be afraid of asking questions before you sign any loan contract. Legitimate lenders will offer great customer service by promptly getting back to you.

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