Your Home Mortgage Loan Refinance on a Fix Rate Mortgage


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Refinancing a fixed rate mortgage is usually only suggested when interest rates start to drop. However if your looking to save money in other ways you can also save by changing your loan terms. Another simple solution would be pulling out part of your equity to pay off those high interest credit card bills.

Lower Interest Rates

A good thing to remember is when interest rates are at least 1% lower than your current mortgage rate, it pays to refinance to pay your higher interest bills. However, you need to consider other factors, loan cost, loan terms, length of your mortgage, and how long you plan to stay in your house.

What about an adjustable rate mortgage? Most people only consider this if they are planning on moving on short notice. How this works is mostly variable rate. If rates are low you will see a lower monthly rate. But you do risk a chance that the interest rates could go up and you end up paying more than before. This usually happens over a period of time. So you many not be effected right off.

Refinancing is a big deal! You can decide if it is for you by calculating the difference in your interest payments over the course of your loan. There are all kinds of online mortgage calculators which can help you find both total interest costs and monthly payments. Most are free too.

Look for better Loan Terms

Finding lower interest loans can be key. With lower interest rates, you can save money by converting to a better loan term. A shorter loan, such as a 20 year term, can save you thousands on interest payments. It might be a higher payment, but you will save bundles on your total loan debt.

You can also reduce your monthly payments by refinancing for a longer term. But you will suffer a higher overall interest and spend for in the long run.

Find and Your Equity and Use it!

Whether you want to pay off high interest credit cards or pay off other bills that have been weighing over you. It’s up to you. One of the advantages of using your equity is that your interest is tax deductible. Yes! This could be big savings as well.

However, if you just want to use your home equity, a better option is a home equity loan. The nice advantage to this is that you can still write off you interest and avoid additional fees.

What about those Online Lenders?

Today online financing is easier to research. You research terms and fees from your home with no pressure. You can receive quotes fast so you can compare financing packages. Another advantage is that you can also apply online and qualify for discounts with some online lenders. With all this in mind, try to remember the old rule. “If it seems to good it probably is. ”

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