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Home Mortgage Refinance - Choosing The Best Deal


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How do you choose the most genuine home mortgage refinance option? Here's a quick guide on choosing the best home mortgage refinance deal!

Questions to be asked

As a borrower, there are chances you maybe taken advantage of by unscrupulous lenders. To avoid this you need to ask a few basic questions first and even do a comparison check:

  • What is the type of mortgage being offered? Find out if the interest rate is fixed, adjustable, FHA or conventional.
  • What is the minimum deposit or down payment needed on the home mortgage refinance? Knowing this will help you plan finances better.
  • What is the duration or length of the loan? This will affect the monthly payment on the mortgage.
  • What is the Annual Percentage Rate? This is quite a competitive differentiator these days and can help you select the best lending home mortgage refinance company.
  • What will be the monthly payment? This will be important in terms of planning your budget and finances etc.
  • What are the various applicable fees? There are several kinds of fees being charged by lenders these days and each lender has their own name for it. Some examples of home mortgage refinance fees include:
    o application fee also known as loan processing fee
    o Lender fee or funding fee
    o Appraisal fee
    o Attorney fee
    o Document preparation and recording fee
    o Credit report fee
    o Origination or underwriting fee etc.
  • What will be the closing fees? There maybe chances that you wish to close or settle your home mortgage refinance. In such cases you need to know applicable fees at the time, so it doesn’t shock you then. Some of the closure fees include:
    o State and local taxes
    o Flood determination
    o Surveys and home inspection fees
    o Prepaid amounts towards interest, hazard insurance, taxes, etc.
    o Prepaid private mortgage insurance or PMI
  • Is there any prepayment penalty involved?
  • Is the agreement for lock-in provided in writing by the home mortgage refinance lender?

    Interest rates applicable

    It also helps to get a free, no obligation quote from your home mortgage refinance lender. Also check with them if the rate quoted is the lowest for that day or the whole week. Check if the interest rate is fixed or adjustable in nature. In case it is the adjustable variety, find out from the lender how the payments will differ. Also be sure to check on the points. These are fees paid to the lender and are strongly linked to the current interest rate. The more points paid, lower the interest.


    Once you have zeroed in on a specific home mortgage refinance lender, you need to try and negotiate the terms of the contract. Ask your home mortgage refinance lender to write down all associated costs and fees and then start negotiating on some of the fees.

    Home Mortgage That’s just the beginning. To make an informed decision you need to find out ALL the details. You can do that at Home Mortgage Refinance Loan . Don’t delay as this could make a REAL difference in your life. Act today and reap the benefits of smart decisions.

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    Mortgage Refinance Loan - Choosing the Right One
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