Qualifying for the Cheapest Homeowner Loan


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Homeowner loans offer a variety of different interest rates, but not everyone qualifies for the cheapest homeowner loan. You have to meet certain criteria in order to receive the lowest costs and rates associated with a homeowner loan. Each lender has its own set of qualifications and the weight they apply, although some may be similar from lender to lender.

Credit history

One of the first factors that a lender considers when he offers the cheapest homeowner loan is the strength of your credit history. Negative information, especially unpaid debts, can have a detrimental effect on the interest rate the lender offers. The higher the credit score, the better your chances are to be approved for the cheapest homeowner loan. If you have negative information on your credit report, you should make an effort to clear those items before applying for a homeowner loan if at all possible.

Employment history

A stable employment history with job longevity will increase your chances of finding the cheapest homeowner loan, especially if you have any negative information on your credit report. Because your loan is secured by your property, it’s easier to qualify for a homeowner loan than a personal loan; however, in order to get the best rate and lowest cost loan, it’s important to have job stability. If your credit isn’t perfect, the only stability you have to show is your employment.

Financial stability

Other types of financial stability will be considered when determining the cheapest homeowner loan for which you qualify. Financial stability is measured using a variety of factors such as credit, income, debt to income ratios, and banking experience. The more stable you are financially, the better the chances are that you will be qualified for the cheapest homeowner loan. With the category of financial stability, you will find the lender looking at various criteria to determine how you qualify in terms of financial stability.

  • Income
  • Income to debt ratio
  • Banking experience
  • Credit history
  • Age of newest negative items
  • Amount of equity in your home
  • Purpose of the loan

    All of these added together will be the basis for the lender’s decision, so if you have negative credit but other financial stability, you may still get a favourable interest rate through not necessarily the cheapest homeowner loan.

    Other qualifying factors

    In addition to financial stability, other factors may have an effect on the cost of your homeowner loan. These may include items such as how long you have been in your home, circumstances behind any negative credit entries in your file, and whether the lender feels you are a good credit risk regardless of your past credit history. In all cases, the final decision is going to be based upon the lender’s feeling about you as a potential credit risk, so you must make a good impression and convince him you are credit-worthy.

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