Assess The Worth of Your Home with Secured Homeowner Loans


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Do you know that your home will enable you to avail loans? Do not think it is a hallucination…it is a reality. Now all homeowners can avail loans by using their home as security, as secured homeowner loans are giving all homeowners a chance to worth their property and avail loans for fulfilling numerous purposes.

As a secured loan, homeowner loan offers borrowers to borrow money against the equity of their home. The word “equity” is defined as the value of the borrower’s home after deducting mortgages and liens. . The term for repayment varies within 3 to 25 years

Secured homeowner loans are offered with various interest rates, such as, fixed, variable, capped, discounted and cash back.

Secured homeowner loans are available at fixed interest rate. In such cases, the rate of interest remains same during the loan period. Oppositely, in case of variable interest rate, the rate of interest varies in accordance with the changes of loan market.

A capped rate of mortgage can be defined as variable rate mortgage that has a fixed limit, which is known as ceiling. It indicates that in this option, borrowers know that how much they have to pay per month as highest monthly payment. Such kind of secured homeowner loans could be advantageous while the interest rate hikes up.

With discounted rate a homeowner is offered a discount from the standard variable mortgage rate and this discount is applied for a certain period. In case of cash back secured homeowner loans, lenders offer a lump sum that borrowers can use for various expenditures. Normally, these loans are given either with a standard variable rate or with tracker mortgage.

Secured homeowner loans are offered against the borrower’s home. This implies that in case, one fails to repay the loan amount then his home will be resized by the lender. So, one should think of his repayment capacity before applying for a secured homeowner loan.

However, some advantages of secured homeowner loans are inescapable. These are as follows:

  • Relatively low rate of interest

  • Since these loans are offered against home thus, with this option borrowers can borrow more

  • Its flexible repayment period is also an added benefit.

    Usefulness of secured homeowner loans is unavoidable. A vast field of usages has made these loans more popular among the homeowners. Some common usages of these loans are home improvement, paying off debts, arranging holiday trip and many more.

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    A Guide to UK Secured Homeowner Loans
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