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How online payday loans or cash advance loans work? Online payday loans usually work by first filling out a pre-approval application. 90% of the time, your credit is not pulled. Most payday loans are not based on your credit history, so, even if you have bad credit you are still welcome to apply. If having your credit pulled is a concern to you, check their FAQ’s page, that will usually tell you whether or not your credit will be pulled.

After you have filled out the initial application, you should receive a response on whether you are pre-approved or not. Responses vary, but most online payday loan companies will give you a response instantly. By clicking on the link below, you can view our list of recommended payday loan companies and we will tell you which ones can give you a 30-second approval.

If you are pre-approved, they will usually ask for some kind of income verification. Some online payday loan companies require you to fax them a pay stub and/or a bank statement. They sometimes want to verify that you have a valid phone number and email address. There are other companies who are “faxless" who help you get the loan processed without you having to fax in any verification. These loans usually verify income by telephone.

Once you have completed the companies quick verification process, you will usually receive a direct deposit into your bank account the next business day. Most online payday loan companies will deposit the money into your account within 24 hours.

Make sure, when you get a payday loan, that you are using the payday loan for the shortest amount of time possible and get the lowest cash amount you can get by with. This will help you keep your fees to a minimum.

If you would like to view our list of recommended, reputable payday loan companies, click here: Recommended Payday Loan Companies

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