Tips for Finding a Low Interest Loan


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If you find yourself in need of some additional money to cover expenses, consolidate debts, or make large purchases, you might begin thinking about trying to find a low interest loan.

Getting a low interest loan isn't always easy, however… interest rates can fluctuate depending upon local and national economic factors, your credit history, and even the collateral that you use to secure the loan or the lack thereof.

By carefully considering these factors and taking the time to research the effects that each of them can have, it's possible to maximize your value to potential lenders and get the best rates on a low interest loan that you can.

Economic factors

One of the factors that can influence the rate that you pay for a low interest loan is the lending rates that are set by some national governments and influenced by the economy of the region in which you live.

The best way to work with this is to spend some time researching local and national interest rates, and read financial journals to know whether interest rates are likely to rise or fall in the near future.

This can help you to determine how good of a deal you'll get for your low interest loan, and can potentially save you quite a bit of money by letting you know when it's the right time to apply.

Credit history

The interest rate factor that a lot of people worry about the most is usually the applicant's credit history. Even if an individual has bad credit, it can still be possible for them to find a low interest loan… sometimes it's all a matter of knowing where to look.

Some banks or finance companies offer competitive-rate loans to individuals who have had credit problems in the past, and many online lenders are able to offer home equity loans that can rival the rates of low interest loans made to individuals with higher credit scores.

Taking the time to shop around for different interest rates is one of your best bets to find a great deal.


The collateral that you use (or the lack of collateral) is another important factor in getting a low interest loan. The value of the collateral is taken into consideration, and compared to the amount that you're asking for in your low interest loan… unsecured loans, which don't require collateral, charge higher interest rates because there is no collateral value to guarantee repayment.

High-value collateral provides a means for the lender to offer lower interest rates while still being assured that the loan will be repaid in a timely fashion.

One of the best ways to secure a low interest loan is to use a piece of property that has a high value and a readily available market (such as vehicles or real estate), making sure that the value of whatever you use as collateral is more than the loan amount that you're requesting.

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