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Business requires a continuous input of money. Money is the life blood of any business. You will require money to start a new business or to expand an existing one. Businesses require both long term and short term loans. Long term loans are required to buy fixed assets such as land, building and machinery. Short term loans are required for day to day business operations.

Short term loans are usually repaid within one year. They are usually not secured against property. Your credit score will influence the lender’s decision of whether to grant you a loan and at what rate. The rates of interest on short term loans are usually higher than the rates on other types of loans.

Long term loans are availed for a longer period of time, usually more than three years. Since such loans are used to buy fixed assets, they are required in large amounts. Lenders require collateral to offset the risk associated with giving bigger loan amounts. Since the long term loans are secured against property, they carry lower rates of interest than unsecured loans.

Lenders ask for certain documents before giving such loans. Some of these documents are:

  • Financial statements
  • Tax returns
  • Papers of the property you are going to offer as a security
  • Your credit report
  • Your business plan.

    If you are a small business owner, you may use your house to take out a loan for your business. A home equity loan is a secured loan that you may avail against your home equity. Since a home equity loan is a secured loan, it will give you all the benefits of a secured loan:

  • Low rate of interest
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Small monthly installments
  • Large loan amount

    If you require a small amount for your business, you may also take out a personal loan. You do not need to specify the reason for availing a personal loan. Personal loans are usually unsecured and carry high rates of interest. They are repaid within a short period of time.

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    Bad Credit Small Business Loans - Finances to Make Your Business a Success
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