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Personal bridging loan come into play where in a person is not able o purchase a new property because he couldn’t sell his old one. Personal bridging loans help you bridge this financial gap by providing financial assistance to purchase the new property until you are able to sell your old one. Personal bridging loans can be availed by placing any of your property as collateral and can availed by both good credit borrowers and bad credit borrowers.

Personal bridging loans are secured loans. It means you’ll have to place a property of yours as security against the loan amount. The collateral can be either of your old property that you want o sell or the new one. With bridging you can avail an amount ranging from £100000 to £400000. Personal bridging loan are short term loans and should be repaid after the sale of borrower’s old property. Generally the repayment duration of personal bridging loans ranges from 1 – 10 months. Personal bridging loans are open to people suffering from bad credit history also. It can be availed by people facing arrears, defaults, CCJ, IVA, bankruptcy etc. personal Bridging loans carry slightly higher rate of interest because they are short term loans, but that too can be minimized with good research.

Personal bridging loans are very helpful for people who want to purchase a new property but are not able to do so because they have not been able to sell their old property. Personal bridging loans are short term in nature and hence can be easily repaid. Personal bridging loans don’t require any credit checks. People suffering from bad credit status can avail all the benefits of personal bridging loans. People with bad credit history can get rid of their bad credit status by paying the loan installments regularly. Personal bridging loans can be availed until you are able to sell your old property. Although it carries a bit higher interest are you can easily avail personal bridging loans at competitive interest are due to the tight competition prevailing in the financial market.

There are many banks, financial institutions and lending firms that offer personal bridging loans. So make a deep search before applying for personal bridging loans. With good research you can find a lender offering personal bridging loans at competitive interest rate.

With personal bridging loans purchasing a property is no more problem.

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Personal Bridging Loan - Provide A Bridge For Your Transactions
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