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How to Get Out of Debt by Following 3 Simple Steps


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If you have overspent and charged your credit cards up to the maximum limit, you may now be wondering how to get out of debt. Well, it will not be easy but with determination, persistence, time and a plan, you can eliminate all of your debt and have all balances paid in full. Follow these simple steps below to get started on your plan today.

First, you need to stop spending more than you bring home in income. Make a resolution to not buy any unnecessary items until your debt is paid off. Make a distinction between your needs and wants as well. Only purchase those things that you absolutely need and hold off on buying the things you just want. This one small change in your spending habits will help you save money which will then be used towards paying off your outstanding balances owed.

Next, make a budget listing your income and all expenses, including the candy bar you bought at the gas station or the pack of gum you bought when you were in line at the grocery store. When you have a record of every purchase and expense, carefully review all of your data and look for areas where you can cut back or eliminate altogether. You might be surprised at how much extra money you can “find. " Use every bit of money you “found" towards getting out of debt and paying your balances off.

Finally, look at your all of your loans and credit card debt and determine which one you will begin to pay off. You could choose to start with the account that has the smallest balance to get the quickest results or choose the account with the highest annual percentage rate to get rid of the debt costing you the most money. With either route you choose, make your monthly minimum payment for that account plus all of the extra money you were able to find in your budget from reducing expenses. Once that balance is paid in full, move onto the next account, again paying the minimum balance plus the amount you were using to payoff the previous account. Continue following this process until all debt has a zero balance. By using this method, you will be able to bring the principle balance down in larger and larger chunks and be paying less on interest.

All of these steps will take time but you will see great results. Just stay determined and persistent and do not lose sight of your goal. By following this method, you will see how to get out of debt and live a better and less stressful lifestyle. Stay motivated!

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Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt - Two Simple Ways to be Credit Card Debt Free
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