Why You Should Get Out of Debt Today?


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The main reason for getting out of debt today, is because people with little or not debt have more control over their future:

1. They have more discretionary income, meaning that you won't be living pay check after pay check as you probably are right now. Can you even imagine how nice it is to be able to go to the Spa or for a nice dinner without having to put it in the credit card, but paying with your savings or extra money from your pay check?

2. They can afford to go in longer vacations or actually to go on vacations (period). My husband and I go on long vacations every year. We've gone to places like Fiji, New Zealand, Tahoe, Panama and we are going to Europe this year. It's so nice to go to new places and don't have to worry about how to pay the bill when we come back, because we've saved the money to pay for them in advance. . . .

3. They can afford to plan the way to have one parent to stay home with their kids. When you don't have to pay so many monthly payments in credit cards, loans, etc; most likely the cost of paying a day care vs. you going or your spouse going to work doesn't make sense. That's why most people with little or not debt can afford to have one parent stay home with their kids.

4. They can save in advance to buy goodies. . . (cars, down payments for homes, appliances). Talking about not living pay check after pay check. . . What about buying your car and paying cash. . . . I know a lot of people that has done this and it feels great to be able to save some good money, buy a brand new car and don't have to worry about payments.

5. They have better credit, therefore, they don't need their own money to buy stuffs. Credit Scores are higher in people without debt, because they are not consider “high risk consumers". When your credit score is good, (700+) you can pretty much buy anything you want, from houses to cars with the minimun interests and even with 0% down payment. Would you like to do this?

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Carmen Shearer is the President and CEO of S&S Financial Solutions. She has worked in the finance arena for over 10 years and holds two engineering degrees and an MBA from a branch of Harvard Business School. S&S Financial Solutions offers you credit repair, debt elimination programs and personal finance tools and information with a 90 days money back guarantee. For more credit related information go to: http://www.excellentcreditnow.com


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Getting out of debt is a decision, and it's the right decision! Get yourself ..
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