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If your financial worries are preventing you from sleeping at night, then you may have considered bankruptcy in hope of a little relief. Usually, consumers only turn to bankruptcy if there is no other hope for them to get out of debt. Many have been to credit counseling and even consolidated their debt into lower monthly payments before they finalize their financial ruin in bankruptcy court.

It’s really not surprising that there are so many bankruptcy cases with as much credit that is extended these days. If you pay your bills, you are rewarded with the ability to run up more bills. A lot of times, especially for young people, that responsibility is just too much to handle. It may have seemed realistic to add one more minimum monthly payment when you splurge with your new credit card, but too many of those minimums can land you in bankruptcy court before you even know what happened.

Bankruptcy has become so common, that it isn’t the big ugly monster that it used to be. Filing for bankruptcy once scarred you for 7 to 10 years. There was no hope of buying houses or cars or getting more credit cards. Often filing for bankruptcy meant that you had to give up most of your property. Anymore there are credit card offers in the mail as soon as your bankruptcy is discharged. Buying a car is no problem as long as you can handle the sky high interest rates. And buying a house, well you may have to be a little more patient and let your bankruptcy “settle” in the stomachs of mortgage lenders before they will grant you a home loan, but you can certainly get one, bankruptcy or not.

If bankruptcy is the only option you are left with at this point, use it responsibly. Don’t take advantage of the bankruptcy system and abuse the rights afforded you. Wipe your slate clean with bankruptcy and start over fresh and responsible and don’t end up in bankruptcy court again.

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