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You can lower credit card debt through a variety of options. Consolidating your debt into one loan can help lower interest rates and monthly payments. If you need additional help, you can use a debt management or debt negotiation company. Both offer programs to reduce your debt, helping you to get a handle on your credit.

Consolidating Credit Card Debt

The goal of consolidating credit card debt is to lower your interest rates. With lower rates, more of your payment can go toward paying off your principal and getting you out of debt sooner. Closing accounts that are paid off will also help your credit score.

A home equity loan offers the best financial benefits. Not only will you find the lowest rates with this type of loan, but interest payments are tax deductible. Monthly payments can also be reduced by lengthening your loan terms.

Personal loans are also an option. With relatively low rates, debt can be quickly paid off. You can also transfer credit card balances to a new card that offers 0% financing.

Reducing Interest With A Debt Management Plan

Debt management plans handle your unsecured accounts and negotiate lower rates with creditors. Most plans will have you pay off your accounts in less than five years. Your credit will be temporarily lowered if creditors report delayed or lower interest payments. But most often, in a year’s time you can apply for new credit.

Eliminating Part Of Your Debt

Debt negotiation companies can eliminate part of your debt for a fee. There are some risks with this approach. First, your credit will be affected, showing non-payment for seven years. Secondly, not all creditors will reduce your debt. However, negotiating debt may keep you from declaring bankruptcy.

Researching For The Best Deal

No matter which approach you pick to lower your credit card debt, make sure you research several companies. Request quotes on rates and fees, along with their terms. Be wary of companies that offer impossibly good deals. And ask questions about the details.

Remember too that by lowering your debt, you are saving yourself money in the future. Improving your credit score will qualify you for better rates for mortgages and car loans.

To view our recommended sources for debt solution companies, visit this page: Recommended Debt Help Companies .

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation – An Effective Tool To Curb Credit Card Debt
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