Credit Card Debt Negotiation


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Debt negotiation on credit cards is more commonly known as, credit card debt settlement. Credit card negotiation would be the next step for those have failed with attempting to consolidate your debt. If you are 3 months or more past due or cannot keep the monthly minimums of your card payments current.

Generally this works much the same as a debt settlement but usually only involves unsecured credit. The special nature of unsecured credit allows the debt settlement company to negotiate a pay off usually in the rang of 40-50% of the balance because in the event that a bankruptcy must be filed they run the risk of not getting anything back.

In this type of transaction when a settlement is reached the debt settlement company will make a one time payment to the creditor to satisfy the balance of the loan. You then owe the debt negotiation company the amount of the pay off plus any fees that where agreed upon.

A draw back to this process is it can have a negative impact on your credit score and the fees may be high at some companies. Another option is to self arbitrate.

If you have all intentions and ability to pay your debt you may wish to contact your creditors yourself. This allows you to negotiate a lower interest rate or a more realistic repayment plan.

If you decide to take the self arbitrate route, you will want a written agreement between you and your lender or collector that makes note of the fact your settlement has been ‘paid as agreed’ or ‘satisfied in full’.

Self-arbitration or working with a credit card debt negotiation program you can be beneficial and successful. Positive debt negotiation on credit cards will be successful if you are determined to pay your debt(s) and be debt free once and for all. A debt free lifestyle is truly amazing.

We have researched some of the companies in this field. To find the ones with the best results visit here: T. Grimsley is a staff writer for Wongaa focuses on many of the issues facing young Americans today.


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