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Articles about or concerning Debt Management, Debt, Debt Reduction, How To Get Out of Debt, Debt Management Program and Plans, Debt Calculators, and services that offer advice on Debt Repair.
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Understanding the Human Side of a Debt Collector May Help You Deal with One (Part One)

 Stephen Lau (April 10, 2008)  In the present financial climate, debt collection is commonplace and many people may have to deal with debt collectors due to delinquencies. To deal with creditors is an art. If you are among one of them, you may think that debt collectors are inhuman: they may have harassed you relentlessly. Nowadays, many individuals have become debt collectors simply because they need a job, .. (Debt Management)

Credit Repair Debt Management Services

 Jason Hobbs (April 09, 2008)  Numerous credit repair debt management services are available in the market, which holds special interests of people having a record of poor credit rating. These people are in constant search to find the maximum number of Debt Management Services feasible. Since, in the end these services are the ones who will invest their efforts in restoring back the positive credit ratings. About .. (Debt Management)

US Students and Credit Card Debt

 DJ Bankey (April 08, 2008)  It is amazing how high the cost of college is these days. Every time it seems that colleges are asking way too much for tuition they jest raise their fees again. I personally don't know of any college students that do not rely on credit cards at least a little. Unfortunately the student loans, grants, and part-time jobs just don't cut it. This is why there is a problem with US student .. (Debt Management)

Wipe Out The Unnecessary Debt Burden

 Samantha Bonsu (April 08, 2008)  Plastic money has become a basic necessity in the modern world. Life without plastic money is now unimaginable and hard to think of. With scores of lucrative offers, one tends to get tempted to procure a credit card for himself. But, a turning point comes when credit cards are regarded as a borrowing tool. This misunderstanding can drive people amidst a stack of debts. Overspending .. (Debt Management)

Credit Report Australia - Debt Stressed Aussies Worry About Paying The Bills

 Tristan Dunston (April 04, 2008)  A study by Australia's biggest credit report provider has shown many Australian consumers are worried about their ability to pay the bills. The Veda Advantage study has indicated that making repayments is a major cause of concern for three quarters of Aussies in debt. Rising prices, with some commentators expecting inflation to reach 4.6 per cent in 2008, is causing more than half of .. (Debt Management)

Solutions To Credit Card Debt - Paying Off Credit Card Debt

 Pearl White (March 31, 2008)  One of the most common problems that inflicts the vast majority of people today, is credit card debt. Finding solutions to credit card debt does not differ from your creed or nationality, the poor or rich. One surprising fact and really, one that should not be, is that we as Americans are discounting our future income to present consumption that Americans have accumulated a mind .. (Debt Management)

5 Simple Debt Management Tips

 Manny Vetti (March 27, 2008)  Debt is a scary situation for all Americans, especially since credit seems to be the only way to make a life. However, even more important is debt management. The key to ensuring security in life is not simply having a good paying jobs, but being able to pay bills and have money set aside for emergencies. Credit allowances like credit cards, personal loans, lines of credit, etc. , are .. (Debt Management)

What Do You Do When You Have More Than Just An IRS Debt To Worry About?

 Richard Close (March 24, 2008)  Do you ever get that sinking feeling? When you're in debt to credit card companies, finance companies, etc. . . you see all kinds of ads promising to consolidate your debt and get you to pay it off for one payment per month. But how are these debt consolidation firms when it comes to dealing with the IRS? Getting cheated. . . As a former IRS-Hitman I've watched many people get taken by .. (Debt Management)

Stop Wrong Number Collection Calls

 Braden Harris (March 18, 2008)  You find yourself receiving call after call, always at work and always for someone you have never even heard of. You have tried explaining that, no, you are not this person and, no, you don't know how to contact them. These words are meet with deaf comprehension, though. The calls won't stop and the collectors continue. They seem to believe you are lying and no amount of protest will .. (Debt Management)

More Time Being Spent Servicing Debts

 Abbi Rouse (March 10, 2008)  People are taking an increasing amount of time to service their debts, it has been revealed. According to Unbiased, today (March 10th) is Debt Freedom Day - the time of the year when consumers will have earned enough money to allow them to complete interest repayments on the debts accrued on personal loans and credit cards. Starting from the beginning of the year, it was stated that .. (Debt Management)

How Do I Fight Debt Collectors If They're Wrong?

 Susan Mona (March 09, 2008)  If you don't have any outstanding payments, but are contacted by a debt collector who claims to have supporting documentation that states that you owe a creditor money, don't panic. No matter how aggressive the debt collector may sound, do not let them bully you into paying money you know you don't owe. You can protect yourself through two different actions that can help you prove your .. (Debt Management)

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