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9 Simple Steps to Beat Credit Card Debt


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Everyone wants to know how to beat credit card debt, well, here's how I do it. . .

I've put together a 9-step system for dealing with credit card debt. Actually, not just credit card debt, but any kind of debt. Using this system, you'll be able to get your debt paid off much sooner than you would think.

I call this system the Debt R. E. D. U. C. T. I. O. N. System. Let me explain how it works.

R - REALIZE There Is A Problem

Until you realize there is a problem and that you need to do something about your credit card debt, nothing is going to happen.

E - EDUCATE Yourself

A little education is critical to understanding how bad credit card debt really is for you. It's keeping you under the thumb of the credit card companies, and until you see it for what it is, that's where you'll stay.

D - DECIDE To Get Yourself Out Of Debt

As nice as it would be to have some kind of magic “Get Out Of Debt" button that you could press, it just doesn't work like that. You need to decide to get your debt paid off, once and for all.

U - UNDERSTAND Just What Got You Into Debt

Understanding the habits and choices that got you into debt in the first place is critical. If you don't understand the causes, you're not going to be able to avoid them in the future, putting you right back where you started.

C - CREATE Your Plan

Having a plan for how to beat credit card debt is half the battle. If you have a plan, you have a blueprint that can help keep you on track when you might otherwise stray.

T - TAKE Action Starting Right Now

Taking action is simply the MOST important part of the whole system. If you don't take action on all the other steps, it's all a waste of time.

I - INVITE Challenges

Challenges are a natural part of life. Don't worry about them, or be scared of them, because they're going to pop up whether you like it or not. Instead, invite them and welcome them when they do happen, so you can get past them and move on.

O - OVERCOME Those Challenges

When those challenges do appear, and threaten to derail your debt reduction plan, overcome them and then continue on. Don't let them get you so far off track that you lose sight of the end goal.

N - NEVER Get Into Debt Again

Decide now that once your debt is paid off, you're never going to let yourself get back into debt again. Otherwise, you're just on a treadmill and you'll never actually get anywhere.

You can learn more about how to get out of debt using my Debt R. E. D. U. C. T. I. O. N. System for free on the Debt Reduction Academy website. Visit to get more detailed information.


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You Can Pay Off Credit Card Bills - Learn a Few Simple Steps
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