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Managing Debt Collectors


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Debt collectors have a job to do and they are paid accordingly as a percentage of the amount of money that they recover from you. Obviously it is in their best interest to recover as much money as possible and many of them will resort to all sorts of tactics in order to extract funds from you whether you can afford it or not.

Debt collectors are also aware that the majority of people don't know the laws as they stand with their powers of collection and the rights you have that cannot be violated.

They are only allowed to contact you between the hours of 8am and 9 pm and if you send them a written letter not to contact you again in relation to a particular debt they have to abide by that request and can only contact you again to inform you of any further action they will take in the recovery of the debt.

They cannot contact you at your place of employment if you inform them that this is not allowed and they are not allowed to contact you excessively as this is classed as harassment. Obscene or insulting language is also not allowed although many debt collectors will use such tactic to intimidate people and get them to pay more than they can comfortably afford.

Many debt collectors will buy your bad debt off your creditor and then it is up to them to recover their money from you so they can get quite aggressive in their recoveries. If you are in a position where you are expecting a debt collector, know your rights and don't allow them to ‘bully’ you into making a payment that you can't afford.

Sometimes you will be able to discuss an arrangement with them to pay off the debt and this is obviously the best solution as they will get their money eventually and you will be able to pay it back at a rate that your budget has determined most suitable.

Always try to work through your money problems with those involved in an amiable manner as this is usually where you get the best deals that will keep both parties happy.

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