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Stop Wrong Number Collection Calls


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You find yourself receiving call after call, always at work and always for someone you have never even heard of. You have tried explaining that, no, you are not this person and, no, you don't know how to contact them. These words are meet with deaf comprehension, though. The calls won't stop and the collectors continue. They seem to believe you are lying and no amount of protest will convince them otherwise. You're growing tired of the insanity (as it expected) but don't know what to do. There seems to be no way to keep them from calling you.

There are actually several.

To begin: get the collector's information. Find out his name and where he works. Insist that he give this to you. If he refuses, you will have to take other measure, which we will explain below. If he answers you, though, you must then contact his employers and explain the situation. Tell them who you are and that the calls must stop. They should respond immediately.

If no information is offered, however, you will need to try something else. We recommend speaking with your network provider. Ask them to block the number for you. Once you explain why it must be done, they should take no issue with doing so. And, if you wish to be doubly careful, you can simply change your number.

Also, if you still wish to contact the collector himself, we recommend using a reverse phone search. You take the number and use one of the many pages available online to see who it belongs to. Work backwards essentially to trace the truth. By doing so, you can find an address and a name to use. Then, call and tell them to stop calling you.

No collector has the right to harass you, especially if they are mistaken with your identity. If they refuse to listen to you, then you must take the steps above to make them understand. You have options to fight wrong numbers; you just have to use them. If you want to report the debt collector to a consumer agency, you can learn more here .

Remember the above suggestions. They will help.

Braden is a consumer advocate stud who hates telemarketers and annoying phone calls. He also loves to write and has written this bit for your enjoyment.


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Stop Collection Harassment If You Are in Debt, Learn Your Rights and Stop Your ..
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