How To Spot A Good Debt Consolidation Company


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Tired of juggling four, five or six bills each month? Want to consolidate them into one monthly payment? If you have trouble managing your bills, you may want to consider debt consolidation. A good debt consolidation company will lump all your debt bills into one single account, making it easy for you to get a handle on your finances. So how do you find a good debt consolidation company?


Find a few different debt consolidation companies by searching online. You may want to consider different search terms, like “debt consolidation, " “debt management, " and “bill consolidation. " Narrow your choices down to three or four different companies, and then look for one that…


Call the debt consolidation companies on your list and ask a few questions. What services do they provide? What are the fees and other costs? You should be able to speak to a customer service representative right away, although you may have to navigate through a voice mail menu. The representative should speak to you with respect and treat you like a valued customer. And although you will probably have to pay a fee for their services, you shouldn't be hit with exorbitant charges. Compare the fees and expenses of all the debt consolidation companies you consider so you know you're not getting gouged. Then make sure the company has…


Check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure the company doesn't have a lot of black marks on their history. If they're less-than-reputable, someone will have filed a complaint against them. You might also ask for references, discuss the company with friends or family, and check online message forums or opinion forums to see what other folks have to say. Here is a list of recommended Debt Consolidation Lenders online. It's important to use a reputable lender online to make sure your personal information is secure.

Once you find a good debt consolidation company, you'll get a representative that will work with you to consolidate your bills into one payment. In just 60 or 90 days, you'll only have one debt bill each month, and in many cases your interest rate or minimum payment may be lower, too!

If you want to find a Debt Consolidation Solution, or are considering a Debt Consolidation Loan for a Home Owner, check out ABC Loan Guide. They have information and lists of trustworthy consolidation lenders.


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