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7 Disturbing Facts About Debt Consolidation Loans

John G Campbell

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3 Questions to ask yourself before you consider a debt consolidation loan.

The first place to look before you get a debt consolidation loan is quite simply at your self.

Do you see a person with very little self discipline and control over their money?

The second thing to do is ask your self why I have too much debt. Did something unfortunate and unexpected really happen or is because you just bought too many things on credit and you are not likely to stop!

The third thing to do is be bluntly honest with your self and consider the reason for taking out a debt consolidation loan. Is the real core of the problem your own poor financial knowledge and money management skills and a tendency to overspend no matter what?

7 Disturbing facts about debt consolidation loans

Debt consolidation loans do not get you out of debt. They still remain your debts but consolidated into one loan. You will find the monthly payments are lower. This is because the interest rate is lower and the term of the loan extended over a longer period of time.

You do not owe any less; you just take more time to pay off the money. The longer the time, the greater the interest. This interest will cost you a lot more of your money. For example £10,000 over 10 years will accumulate £6000 in interest alone. £10,000 over 25 years will cost you a massive £18,000. These are the only a mid range of the interest rates charges at time of printing and have been rounded to the nearest thousand. They are only available if you have an existing good credit rating and you are a home owner.

The debt consolidation company that has consolidated your loan is not a charity but a profit making concern. They make their money from the interest you pay them. It is in their interest to have you paying interest for as many monthly payments as possible.

If the loan is secured against your house and you cannot keep up with the payments you could loose your home.

I am sure we have all seen Debt consolidation companies make promises like “you will have money left over to treat yourself to a new car or that holiday you have always dreamed about". Stay clear of these ‘hooks’ for they will lead you into even more debt

When you sign up for a debt consolidation loan you will be signing a binding contract. This contract will have an impact on you and your financial life style for many yeas to come. You may make things seem a little easier to pay but that loan will be your financial burden for anywhere between 10 or 30 years! With a bit of effort to learn about personal finance, budgeting, frugal living and getting truly independent advice from the likes of Citizens Advice Bureau - or National Debtline - you could be getting clear of the same debt in around 5 years but still remain debt consolidation free. You will have also learned valuable monetary skills along the way that will help you steer clear of more debt in the future.

As soon as you are clear of debt you will be able to consider investing your money so that it makes you even more money rather than spending money you have not got and then resorting to expensive consolidate debt loans.

Remember the questions at the start of the article? If you answered them honestly and you are now aware of those valuable facts you will know if you are going to be the person who can live debt consolidation free by addressing the actual problems of why you got into so many bad debts in the first place rather than that person who falls for that delusory feeling of freedom that comes from having what seems to be more money but remains in debt for most of their life.

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More People Are Turning To Debt Consolidation Loans As Consumer Debt Increases
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