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Credit Card Debt - Fact or Fiction


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Make no mistake about it, the banks do know better and are after one thing. Your money. In order to get it all they have to loan you more than you can afford to pay back. There are ways to avoid this and your spending habit is number on one.

To start with, for a full month go “WITH OUT". Don't spend money on what you don't “HAVE TO HAVE". Doing this will keep money in your pocket rather than a bill in the mail. We all to often love to buy now and pay later. This type of spending is the root of most all debt related problems. Further this leads to additional personal, professional and family related failures. Only you can change this spending habit. In order to grow financially we have to accept change.

For most, credit card debt is a way of life. It is the same as PBJ. Yes, the banks have been charging us interest on our credit card debts for many years. But, as the banks get smarter in their lending, new options to resolve these credit card debts become available to consumers. Then, The bankruptcy laws change to favor the banks. Wow, no surprise there. Not sure, but who funded this campaign?

As consumer debt continues to mount into the trillions, our options become more clear. We need to lookout for number one, so we don't fall in number two. With mounted debt, and a consumer knowing they can not continue the path they are on, There must be change. Their credit record may show a high score, but the facts are, there is no “credit report", there is only a “debt report". As your debt to credit ration makes up 35% of your score, your score may read high, but your borrowing power is simply not there.

Back to taking care of number one. If you say to yourself “I need help with my bills" and I can't pay my credit cards debt, you need to stop and take inventory. Go over last months spending and add up how much was useless spending, and how much was common debt.common debt is the normal monthly cost to get by.

As a consumer you have many options available to resolve your credit card debt, and or other unsecured debt. Balance transfers, and or debt consolidation loans are not the way out as you can not borrow your way out of debt. Do not fall prey to debt consolidation. Why hand your home over to a credit card company?

Clear and viable options to both bankruptcy and debt consolidation are available. As the industry of debt settlement and negations continues to grow, there are vast options and benefits that are available for consumers with unsecured credit card debt.

Things to look for in a debt settlement and negotiations company:

* Do they offer 24 hour support? Your needs do not stop, and neither should the support.

* Are their debt negotiators IAPDA Certified? This provides a level of experience far and above the average arbitrator

* Do they listen to and agree with your future goals and offer input to help reach them? As an experienced negotiations expert, I advise all consumers to reach out to and actualy talk to the person who will be negotiating for them.

*Do they have a clean BBB. The history of complaints will tell you about the practice the debt settlement and negotiations company you're considering.

* Memberships and associations are fine and well, but have nothing to do with the day to day operations of the company your looking at. The tell all will be “How You Feel after your first conversation with the person who will be negotiating for you, and the written guarantee they offer.

Tom Bates, CDA
CEO - President
Absolute Debt Solutions, Inc.


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Credit Card Debt Settlements - How to Apply For a Credit Card Debt Settlement
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