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Consumer debt is a problem that affects millions of people. While the average household debt ranges from $6000 - $8000, there are individuals living with a $20,000 and $30,000 credit card debt – sometimes higher. Overcoming debt is challenging, but possible. Here are a few tips to help you eliminate your debt.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt without Bankruptcy

Although there is no way to make debt miraculously disappear, there are ways to help you eliminate the debt. Many televisions commercials and grant programs advertise free money to get out of debt. However, bankruptcy is the only option for never having to repay debt. Of course, bankruptcy is very damaging to your credit. Thus, this should only be utilized as a last resort.

Obtaining a home equity loan or refinancing your home is a great way to pay off credit card balances. Because home equity loans have a low interest rate, you will have the opportunity to get a low fixed rate, which allows you to pay off your debt within a specified term. Home equity loans have varying terms. Nonetheless, you will become debt free within a few years.

Refinancing your home is another great method. Because refinancing creates a new mortgage, be prepared to pay closing cost and other fees. However, the cash you receive at closing is perfect for eliminating or reducing debt.

Get a Vehicle Collateral Loan

If you are not a homeowner, consider paying more than the monthly minimum. For large debt amounts, getting a second job to pay down balances is a smart choice. If you own your vehicle, consider getting a personal or debt consolidation loan using your vehicle as collateral. The interest rate on vehicle loans is fixed, and the terms short.

Debt Management and Credit Counseling

A credit counseling and debt management agency is an additional tool for eliminating debt. These agencies have relationships with various credit card companies. They are able to negotiate lower interest rates. Moreover, credit and debt counseling agencies consolidate your debt. You make one monthly payment. Within a few months, you will realize a decrease in your overall debt amount.

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Low Interest Debt Consolidation: Get Over your Debt Problem
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