The Basics Of Debt Consolidation


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Living in a consumer based society means debt is something that each one of us face in life. Managing finances efficiently requires time and discipline, a person needs to be able to balance income and expenditure and yet create a savings fund. It is easy to fall knowingly or unknowingly into the debt trap and soon the stress levels and despair will cloak life and bring unhappiness. It’s a whirlpool that is best avoided but once in debt it is important to face the problem and find a viable solution to come out of the “red. ”

Debt consolidation is one solution that most people think of. Financial consultants and planners often recommend consolidation of debt at a fixed rate of interest as a way to get out of debt. It is important to understand thoroughly what debt consolidation entails and what the workable options are.

Both debt and debt consolidation are serious business and you need to understand the basics:

  • The first step is to tabulate your owing. Write down what is owed to whom and at what rate of interest.

  • Take a look at your monthly earnings, note down how much money will be required to manage everyday needs, determine how much you can spare each month to pay off your debt.

  • Plan your debt consolidation such that the monies owed are all returned within 2-5 years. Try and avoid long term loans.

  • Find out what the different debt consolidation paths are. Keep home loans or home equity as a last option.

  • Try and get a lower rate of interest and weigh the pros and cons of the debt consolidation plan carefully. You need to ensure that you don’t land up paying more than required or land into further financial mess. You must combine multiple high interest loans into a single monthly payment at a lower rate of interest.

  • Debt consolidation must enable you to pay more money towards the principle owed. At the same time the debt consolidation loan must lower your monthly payment. And, the total debt should be cleared faster. In general the reduction in monthly payments towards loans is reduced by 30-35%.

    It is important to select a reputable company that has a proven track record in debt consolidation loans. It is important to undertake a great deal of research to find out which company is best suited. The World Wide Web has a great deal of information on debt consolidation and the options consumers have. Always find out what effect the debt consolidation loan will have on your credit report and credit score.

    According to experts in finance, every person needs to plan their finances. Any debt consolidation program must be partnered by efficient money management. Only this will enable you to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

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