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Consolidating credit card debts may be the option that consumers consider to pay off their credit card bills. But before consolidating credit card debts, it is important to first consider several factors.

If the credit cards all have the same interest, consolidating credit card balances may not be your best option. Credit cards for cash advances usually have higher interest rates and also charges extra for each transaction, thus, having your cash advances from your credit cards won’t exactly be a less-expensive approach when consolidating them. Further, it is to be noted that credit card debt is actually open-ended and revolving and may be subject to change depending on the changing economic trends, hence, consolidating credit card debt does not extend the period of time given to pay off your debts. Most people actually consider consolidating credit card debts since they expect that this would reduce their current interest rates or extends the term of their debts, but this is not exactly the case.

Credit card debt consolidation may actually be helpful if the outstanding balance of one is lesser than the minimum payment of the other and will be used primarily to free up some funds in your monthly budget. In trying to pay debts off, more than the minimum monthly payments must be made.

A better option when trying to pay off credit card debt is by transferring the balance of a particular card to another one of your credit cards that has a lower interest rate. This way is more preferred than credit card debt consolidation since payment goes directly as payment for principal rather than as payment of interest or finance charges.

It is important that before even signing up for a credit card for the user to be completely aware of all the existing conditions that are enclosed in being a card holder. Credit card companies are becoming wiser in protecting their companies against the possibility of consolidating or balance transferring.

Debtors must be aware that lower monthly payments do not necessarily mean that they are saving money. Properly studying and analyzing how credit card debt consolidation works will ensure that debtors are really making the most out of it.

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